Tree Lopping

Removing trees from seemingly inaccessible positions. Colourful Tree Lopping specialises in tree removal services from insubstantial or seemingly inaccessible places. Trees are occasionally removed for a number of reasons: See More

Stump Grinding

And we remove the Stump

Is there a tree stump that you want to be removed?
Are you planning to re plant in an area where the tree was once located? See More

Storm Damage Cleanup

The result of Storm Damage can seem to be devastating.

At Colourful Tree Lopping we can clear all your storm damage quickly and efficiently.

Slabs, Firewood & Mulch

We sell slabs, firewood and mulch.

Give us a call and we can discuss your requirements. See More

Tree Pruning

Do you want to keep your trees healthy and high in productivity?

Colourful Tree Lopping carries out tree pruning services to keep their size and shape under control.See More

Tree Health Assessment

It is a known fact that even an apparently healthy tree is prone to hazards.

For immediate and long term safety considerations, our Arborists’ team conducts an initial inspection See More

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